Track5BX is a Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X that helps you keep track of your progress on the 5BX-style exercise plan from The Hacker's Diet.

Screen Shot of Track5BX Dashboard Widget
The widget tracks your current rung on the Introductory or Lifetime Ladders, how many times you have completed the exercises for each rung, and displays a count of the number of repetitions for each exercise at that rung. By hovering over the name of an exercise, you can get a brief description of the exercise.

The widget supports cross-mac Dashboard Sync via .Mac (subscription required), so you can keep track of your workout both on your desktop, on your laptop on the go, etc.

With the simplicity of 5BX and having the information a key press away, you'll always be ready for a quick workout. No excuses!

If you like Track5BX, please make a donation. Feedback or suggestions? See the contact link below.

Download the Track5BX widget