Nasruddin The Blogger

It came to pass that Nasruddin decided to start a blog. His first post was short and simple. "People, do you know what I want to tell you?", he wrote. And the people answered in the comment forum, "No, how can we know?". "Then we don't have a common ground for discussion", Nasruddin replied, and closed his browser.

The next week Nasruddin again posted to his blog, asking the same question. In the comments, the people wrote "Yes, Nasruddin, we know what you want to tell." Nasruddin replied, "Then there is no need for me to blog," and closed his browser.

On the third week, again Naasruddin posted the same question. The people replied, "Some of us know, and some do not." Said Nasruddin, "Well, let those who know tell those who don't" and closed his browser.